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Hohem T2 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizing Gimbal

hohem BUFF smartphone gimbal features high performance stabilization system, vertical shooting mode, tracking skill, easy panorama, unlimited low angle shooting, zoom in & out, BT APP phone control, and USB direct charging. You can apply it to any smartphone within 6inch, such as for all iPhone. Shoot stably, flexibly & creatively.

High Performance Technology - Adopting independent research super control algorithm and combining high precision algorithm, it guarantees super stabilized photos and videos.
Multiple Modes - Including Panning Mode Follow, Panning & Pitching Mode Follow, and Lock Mode Follow, can satisfy most shooting needs.
Vertical Live & Flexible Switch - One click, then the gimbal will enter vertical shooting mode for live shooting.
Tracking Shooting Skill - The lens will automatically focus the person as you preset.
180°/360° Panning - Just single click to start auto panorama.  
Limitless Low Angle Shooting - Double axes without fear of overlap, you can capture beautiful scenery from all angles.
Zoom In/Out - You can zoom simply by press the gimbal key, no need to touch the phone screen.
Built-in BT - Support for iOS & Android system, you can achieve one-step precise, upgrade, camera parameter settings & etc on phone APP.
Phone Compatibility - It works with phone within 6inch, max. payload 250g.
USB Direction Power - The gimbal can be powered by direct power source through USB cable.
High Rigidity Aluminum Alloy - Be durable and environment friendly.
Bottom 1/4" thread - Allow you to mount the gimbal on tripod.
Portable - Sent with a carry bag for outdoor shooting.